DURATION: The full term of the consignment is 30-60 days. Consigner will either request for an extension for an additional 30 days or reclaim the item. If consigner does not request extension or reclaim after 100 days from original consignment date, item(s) may become property of 1LastPair. If item is removed from consignment at least 30 days from the date of agreement, a $20 inventory fee will be charged per item.


FEE: Consignment fee is 10% of sale price or $25, whichever is greater, which will be kept by 1 Last Pair when item sells. Consigner will receive the remainder of sales proceeds less any applicable expenses (i.e., sales tax, cleaning fee, PayPal fees.) If item(s) are not in new/dead stock condition, there may be a $5 cleaning fee charged, which will be deducted from the amount you will receive when your listing sells. If item is returned to consigner, the fee will be due to 1LastPair LLC, upon return of unsold item(s) to consigner.


PAYMENT: Payment will be made 5 business days after the end of the consignment period via check or PayPal.


CONTACT: Any change of address, phone or email contact information is the sole responsibility of the consigner to provide 1LastPair LLC. Please email any contact updates to support@1lastpair.com


PRICING: Consigner is more than welcome to set their own price listing, however,  we have experts to assist with the item price listing process. We look into the resale “going rate” that will help your item sell. Anytime during the selling process, the consigner has the right to contact 1LastPair. via (support@1lastpair.com) to change the price of the consigned item(s)  if they are not being sold in a timely manner or price increase for supply and demand.


SHIPPING OF CONSIGNED PRODUCT: To help with the consignment aspect of shipping your product to 1LastPair LLC , we will incur the initial shipping cost, and once your item has sold. The cost of the shipping will be deducted from check or Paypal deposit total payout. (A Fedex prepaid label will be emailed to consigner and the package will be insured for both your protection, as well as 1 Last Pair, LLC.)


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**By submitting this form you agree to the consignment terms above.