May 9, 2018
May 9, 2018
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Air Legends Cleaning Kit

Air Legends Cleaning Kit

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 Air Legends Cleaning Kit 


Kit includes:

  • 1 Bottle of Premium Cleaner
  • 1 Wet Brush (Dark) for use with Cleaner
  • 1 Dry Brush (Light) for Pre-Cleaning and After Cleaning of Dust and Debris
  • 1 Pack of Scuff Buffers (2 individual Buffer Pads)


Air Legends Premium Cleaner

  • 100% All-Natual Ingredients!
  • Lifts and dissipate stains, not rub them into the fabric!
  • Great for use on:
-Skins and Leathers
-Patent Leather
-ALL Materials!
 Air Legends Premium Brushes 
  • Hog Hair Bristles
  • Concave (curved) sides for easy grip
  • Available in 2 styles:
    • Light Bristles, meant for Dry Cleaning your Sneakers
    • Dark Bristles, meant for Wet Cleaning with our Premium Cleaner

Air Legends Scuff Buffer

Each pack comes with TWO Scuff Buffer pads!

Made from Double Compressed fibers for longer lasting use!

Removes Scuffs and Marks from:

  • Patent Leather!
  • Leather!
  • Midsoles!
  • Soles!
  • Deep Clean Rubber and Plastic HeelTabs!

Here’s how it works:

-Get just the surface of the Scuff Buffer wet, then squeeze out any additional water

-Lightly rub the scuff buffer on the surface.

-Start very gentle, only adding pressure as necessary

-As the name implies, you want to Buff the scuff away, so continuous motion is the most effective process, not grinding with excessive pressure

When you’re done, using cold water, soak and rinse any dirt out of the Scuff Buffer as you would with a regular Sponge, and it’s good for your next use!

Air Legends Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit


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